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I know I'm an idiot, but I have so much fun! I've ridden a KLR 650 to an Enduro and finished long course twice. Different events. I was slow but I had a blast. At the last one I had a nice fun 100 mile mostly dirt road trip to the event, camped, and even got lucky and hitched a ride home. I was prepared to ride home after the race but I didn't turn down a ride in a heated truck! I used to hillclimb on a KZ 650. I just do weird stuff. I have this old KDX in pretty good shape except for the motor and I want to do something different with it. Not going to race it, maybe ride it in some AHRMA events, maybe an ADV ride or two, or just play on the street. I know it's gonna suck, but it's an 82 KDX, it would suck if kept stock, or if I put in a new enduro motor. Drum brakes, funky ergos, crappy suspension no matter what I do to it. If it was really nice, ran, had good plastic, etc I'd just leave it stock but it's just rough enough that I don't want to restore it, and not rare enough to even get an even return on any investment, so why not do something different? No one else will have one. I'd like to use something with e start though due to a bum right leg and foot. I can kickstart bikes but it sure does hurt starting a big motor.

I will probably end up looking for an XR 650 L motor or something like that, but if I found a really good deal on something stranger, like an RD, I'd try using it. Another thought has been a Kawi EX 500 motor. It would still be funky but more practical than an RD motor. Or maybe an old air cooled twin 4 stroker from any manufacturer? I will likely use whatever motor I can find cheap that runs good. I prefer to stay with air cooled just for nostalgia, but if I use a big 4 stroke it'll have to be e start.

Thing is, this old bike has a huge frame. It's different and quite a bit bigger all over than a KDX 200 of the same year. Not even exactly the same as the MX frame from 82. It looks to me like they planned to build a frame that could hold a big 4 stroke motor. Kawi had a 4 stroke off roader back then, so maybe the plan was to make one frame for both? If you saw it in person you'd realize what I mean. Even pics wouldn't really show it, but the old 2 stroke motor is pretty big and there is a ton of room all around it. I even have it figured out how I can use a modern KTM linkless shock if I decide to, it has a blown Uni-trak shock now, which can be rebuilt but not cheaply. The old Uni-traks were'nt all that good until about 84 so why mess with it? I might even use 2 old school long travel shocks just to make it look even older. I have some from an 84 Husky WR 400 Ohlins that would be pretty cool.

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