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Originally Posted by Lost Rider View Post
I go camping for a few days and upon my return my email is full of replies in this thread. It's blowing up in here with great information flowing to better our Husa's for traveling! Love it.
I'm digging what you guys are throwing down with the adding oil challenge, I just don't have enough time to really join in on the research beyond I'll be happy to jump on the bandwagon once someone figures it out.
Free LOST decals for life to the mad scientist who gets it right!

Like I was talking about before I did made a purchase (off ebay to save a few bucks) to greatly increase the light output of my Husa, even with my HID headlamp, for better, faster, safer night time travel. I learned in Baja I needed more light output, and some redundancy. Would have been very bad if my main light failed when on the trail at night solo.
A couple of Baja Designs SII LED Combo Lights is the route I went. They fit perfectly on the OEM turn signal mount, I just needed to cut a couple of standoffs to move them .7 inches out from the mount to clear the mask.
I haven't wired them up yet, and now it's time to leave for work for few weeks so I'll finish when I get home. Plus I'm also waiting on the delivery from HDB with the key mount for a new placement of the ignition since it was hitting the Safari tank and can't stay where it was with the new LED lights in place.
Also I'm installing the incorporated HDB guard turn signals that I had on a previous bike in place of the OEM ones, waiting on the flasher units and the switches I'll be using for the LED's from HDB also.

Oh yeah, I am trying out some more boutique tires on the Husa, looking to expand my traction and keep decent milage for SoCal desert adventures. I like the Mefo's quite a bit, especially when I need a 3000+ tire, but have also been itching to try out these Motoz Tractionator Desert H/T for a while. Having just 2 days riding 100% dirt on them I can't comment on tarmac handling or how long they will last but other reviews are very positive that they wear well are good on pavement.
One thing is for sure, they aren't lying about the traction they provide, they are the Tractionator's after all. Incredible traction, at least on hard pack dirt/rocks and in sand.
Excellent tire, I'll even go so far as to say I like it more than a D606, and I love that tire. Since they are priced about the same, I'll take the Tractionators from this point out when I can be home to accept them from mail order. Plus the name just makes me smile. lol
We'll see about milage, I have high hopes and am happy to have found two different tires for different types of adventures.
I bought them from and they were delivered the next day.

After riding on the Tractionators, I had to stop at Wendy's and get a Baconator on the way home!

Looking forward to getting these little lights and the rest of my dash sorted out, and really hoping one of you fellows does the best thing for the Husaberg 70 community ever and comes up with an affordable and relatively simple way to increase our range between oil changes!
I mounted my Vision X Solstice light in a similar location, but dropped the bracket down so I could keep the factory turn signals. I like it so far. The LED lamp is great, but I also upgraded the headlamp to the HD Bright 35w HID bulb. Between the two I have very decent lighting at night and always have a secondary light source if one or the other fails .

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