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I have no idea why anyone would buy a BMW GSA. A KLR650 is all the bike anyone actually needs. I'm also debt free except for a small mortgage, I bought a small fixer upper 2 bedroom about 22 years ago and fixed it up. It has a 2 car garage (full of bikes) I refinanced it right after Bush invaded Iraq. I have less than 5 years to go on it, at $523 a month, taxes and insurance included. My EX wife's sister and brother in law owe nearly $2000 a month on a fairly new 30 year mortgage. I don't think I could live with that kind of debt.

I am so tempted to get a KLR ('09 or later) but I'm not sure what I would do with it. I have over $3K into a heavily modded XT225, and it works fine for everything but long trips. I have a Vulcan 750 and a Goldwing 1500 for long highway trips, and don't see myself doing any long distance off road trips anymore.
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