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And it continues....

At the time of the last update I was in Ensenada for the second time on this trip and while I was losing one friend on this journey, I gained another. Lindsay had to head home and Ben the Swiss fella was heading south. So we rolled out of Ensenada and the comedy began.

We left Ensenada and made it to El Rosario where we stayed at the Cactus Inn or maybe it was the Baja Cactus. Either way, if you are on the road South this place is a great deal and is really nice for the price. It is the very first hotel you hit when heading in to town from the North.

We met five other riders there and many beers and stories/lies were shared!

The next morning Ben and I rolled out thinking we would maybe make it to Guerrero Negro. We decided that we would just go to Bahia Los Angeles instead. While not a mistake I was not impressed with BLA. Upon arrival we realized that while we had plenty of food and water we had only enough cash to refill our tanks with petrol and hope the fumes got us to Guerrero Negro where there would be an ATM. We slept in the sand and the next morning we left early for G.Negro.

About 30 miles before G. Negro we spotted a lone bicyclist that we had seen pedaling through the desert the day before. I put on the turn signal and we pulled over to have a chat. Turns out she was wanting to make it to G. Negro as well.

We parted ways and headed to G. Negro where we would hopefully replenish the coffers with Pesos. I had great luck and squirreled cash away in a few hiding spots as to avoid the previous dilemma we encountered in Bahia De Los Angeles. Unfortunately the Swiss didn't have the same luck I did with his Debit card and this began a 3 day and still going drama to get cash to continue his trip.

While riding back to meet the Swiss I see the bicyclist we had chatted with earlier. I pulled along side and we decided to look for a room for the night. While chewing the fat a Deutsch fella pulled up on a KLR with more stuff than any one person should ever have strapped to a motorcycle. We all talked and then agreed to split a room four ways. The hunt for a suitable room began.

We found a room after a few and commenced to drinking beers. After four or five it was time to track down some food. This was uneventful and we then made our way back to the hotel where more beer was had and a few locals joined in on the action.

Over the course of the evening a quite possibly disastrous plan was hatched. The next morning we would strap the bicycle to the back of my back and all the panniers it carried to other various parts of my bike. Then somehow make room for Heather to sit! After breakfast and the haze of the hangover lifted the head scratching began. Thirty minutes later everything was securely attached and we were ready to roll!

The ride to Santa Rosalia was fairly uneventful and we bought rations for the evening and more beer! We made our way towards the beach to find camping and the rest can best be told with photos. So here is a fairly photo heavy update. I hope y'all enjoy!!

The German even carries a PRINTER

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