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Originally Posted by JRWooden View Post
I had not thought about extended warranty on fuel system components..............
My tank started cracking after about a year, I waited till just inside the 3-year warranty period to have it replaced,
having been told that BMW-parts warranty was 2-years from date of purchase. The new one has cracked also,
so far not very badly ... hopefully it will be cracked badly enough to not get into a fight about having it replaced next fall........ pity they can't get this right .......
The shop I go to is very honest and they seem to know their sh*t. He was telling me it is an ethanol issue where it is absorbed by the tank plastic causing expansion, swelling and eventually the cracking. It is affecting primarily US and Canadian bikes. Ducati is also badly affected he tells me - worse than BMW. He is on his third tank.

The good news is that it is purely a cosmetic issue and apparently no one has had a failure leading to leaking gasoline. Most likely if that were to start happening BMW would be recalling the tanks. How the swelling and cracking only affects the outer cosmetic wall of the tank I have no idea.

The bad news is that BMW won't likely be changing the tank and any replacement tank is the same part number, same problem. The switch will "buy you a couple years" I'm told.

Oh well! I'll take a new tank soon hopefully and live with some cracks when they recur.
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