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Originally Posted by SloMo228 View Post
Not specifically about the KLR, but I have wondered along these lines - what is the reason for dirt-oriented bikes having these relatively low power outputs? I mean, just about any 650cc road bike has at least 20hp more than these numbers. I'm honestly not trying to start an argument here, just honestly wondering about what I perceive as an odd discrepancy. For instance, an 80s CB650 has at least 60HP at the crank, why would a Honda 650 dirt bike almost 30 years newer have just barely more than half that HP?
Because the singles (1) don't have the ability to rev in order to make the horsepower that a similar-sized four-cylinder is capable of producing. It will, however, produce more torque than the multi, and have a broader spread of torque. (2) Singles don't have the valve area that an inline does. Same effect.

Fyi, I've ridden a few early 80's CB650... they're nice little streetbikes, if you don't mind a medium-bore that needs revs like a 250 Ninja does. It's the opposite of a KLR's powerband, and there's a very good reason for that.

Engines produce torque, not hp. The torque curve is what a dyno measures, and the shape of it is what your butt feels when you whack the throttle.

Mid-range rules, even if you don't have enough of it.
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