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Originally Posted by NJ-Brett View Post
There were big changes between years, with the newer years being much lighter and having much more torque.
Mine was the later one - it made about 3ft/lbs more torque (18/21), and about 5hp less (30/36), but both were about 1000rpm lower than the CB350 motor in the electric-start SL. It was a nice bike and a lot of fun, but when I read the stories of the 'big' power output of the SL it does make me wonder what the people were riding before. For the time it was still a heavy 325cc twin, and there really wasn't much grunt below about 5000rpm, although the lower gearing helped of course. The weight difference wasn't all that great either - the final 21" wheel model was 360lbs wet compared to 375 for the basic CB350. (The oft-quoted 320lbs was the dry weight, 328 for the CB.)

But despite what may sound negative, it was a good bike, very nice to ride and well worth grabbing one of you can find one. I'd have another one.
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