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Originally Posted by JimRidesThis View Post
XL Update: I managed to score a NOS LHS airbox-to-carb hose off ebay. That might not seem much of a high point to many of you, but it's a key piece of the puzzle for me. They are a discontinued part and these XL bits (along with side panels, etc.) are uber-rare in the UK - this is the first I've seen for sale since I started looking months ago. While there are plenty of them in Germany or France, the postage really does bump up the end cost and I'm working on a budget here . I could have gone for separate cone filters but I'd rather get it running well as a stock bike before I start modifying it.

I've also just ordered the bearing puller for the crank bearing and put decals on the fuel tank - a pic of that will no doubt follow but I can't get into my garage right now as the doors are locked by ice .

I too just won some parts from ebay we didn't fight over anything did we?

Just got the top end back on last night, still need some bits for the left side cover and a stator though.

want to borrow my torch Jim?
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