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Originally Posted by firstwordisee View Post
The pelican behind the plate is excactly what I had in mind. Ater using it how do you like this type of mount, is there anything you would suggest? Can you fit a decent tool kit in it? Is that the "small" 1150 pelican?
Originally Posted by DDT Rider View Post
A couple Qs:
- I see you have the pelican 1120 on the the back unit also the 1120?

- If you fill that up with tools, does the extra weight move that back fender/attachment point much?

Many thanks!
I will try to answer. Both cases are the 1120 which are smallish. After all the research, internet searching, and cardboard mock ups this is what works for me. All of my heavy tools etc are in the side case with no issues. The license case holds lighter stuff such as luggage straps, etc. The round tube ideas are great but I like these better.

If I were doing it again I would keep the 1120 at the license plate, purchase an 1150 for the side. I may try that as the 1150 is about 1" wider, 1" longer and 1/2" deeper so it will hold more. I saw pics of an 1150 that hit the tire during off road so after my cardboard mock ups I settled on the 1120. I believe I could use the 1150 on the side and not have it hit the tire on compression but I ride conservatively. The 1120 is small but holds what I need. I have also seen an 1150 case at the license plate melted by the exhaust.

Access to open the side case is easier than people are saying and if you are getting in it that much you need to rethink what is going there.

If I need my tools every time I ride I have the wrong bike.

Hope this helps.

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