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I also used to own an '81 or '82 Silverwing Interstate. I just don't understand why they don't make bikes like that anymore. Not just that one, but most of the great bikes they made back in the early 80s. Having ridden several maxi scooters lately, I was not impressed. A mid sized cruiser is just as comfortable, and easier to handle, especially in parking lots. And if you get one with a windshield and bags, you have wind protection and storage space. My Vulcan 750 seems to be a much better bike than the maxi scooters. Unfortunately they don't make them anymore, and mine is about worn out.

Valves can be a HUGE deal on a scooter. It's a 3 hour job on a little Honda PCX150. I got a Zuma 125 instead, because it is a 15 minute job. But if the Zuma turns out to be anything like my Vino 125, it has gone 25,000 miles with only one valve adjustment. But the thing is, you don't have to tear the whole scooter apart to check them. I consider this to be a design flaw (possibly done on purpose) on any scooter that requires it. More money for the dealer service department. I see no reason maxi scooters can't have hydraulic valves. Even the new Royal Enfields have hydraulic valves. They are not sport bikes. They already use the most inefficient drive system available (CVT)
I think you are fond of comparing apples to oranges.

I for one just could not be seen on a cruiser. I'm afraid of guilt by association with the loud pipes,
fringe leather, Barney-Badass cloaked pile of obnoxious dorkdom.
I don't have a problem with the quiet, honest scooter dorkdom image at all. :)
In motorcycles, I have gravitated to the standard/naked ones with quiet, stock exhausts (with one exception
in my cheap, misguided youth.) They also need to corner at high lean angles at high speeds, something
no cruiser does as well, even the ones that do so better than other cruisers. You can't have it all?

If the manufacturers only produced two practical bike models, to please both of us, that would probably
leave them without many sales--few others would choose to buy them. Marketing people drive
the world.

I've ridden an old (CX-like) Silverwing. It buzzed a LOT, but it was old. I've chanced upon rides on bikes
of my youth (seventies, eighties) and they all were a lot nicer to look at than ride. I believe chassis smoothness,
engine smoothness, and handling have come a LONG way in 20+ years.

And scooters are easier to bathe! But they are not geared toward quick maintenance. Yes, I don't
know what the problem is with hydraulic valves, why manufacturers don't use them. I know some
have had issues, especially when faced with dirty oil. Maybe they don't like lives above 5K rpm or so?
I'm thinking of my 86 Goldwing. It rarely went above 5K and it had hydraulic valves. But don't
even Burgman 650s get ridden frequently above that? My Burgman 400 certainly does.
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