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Canyonlands Adventure Ride. May 2-5

To help support The Utah Shared Access Alliance and keep open recreation in Utah.

-Indian Ruins, Vast Vistas, Amazing Riding, Mountains, Canyons, Complete Isolation, got your attention! This ride will tour some of the most epic, remote and rugged terrain in southeast Utah. Riders need to be self sufficient from the bike for at least on night of primitive camping.

-May 2-5 2013 (or the 3-5 if meeting in Moab)
-There are two options on where to start. If you want a three-day adventure the ride will start on May 2nd at Rabbit Valley in Colorado. We will ride the Kokopelli trail into Moab. Anyone that can only make the 3rd-5th we will meet on the morning of the 3rd in Moab, UT. The ride will then finish in Moab on the 5th.
Lodging: The night of the 2nd will be in Moab and for now it is up to everyone individually to find lodging. If there is enough interest I will get a group site at a BLM Campground and we can split the cost ($5-7 per person Id guess).

The Night of the 3rd will be primitive camping in the backcountry, there will be no amenities.

The night of the 4th will be tent camping in a BLM primitive campground. I will provide all the BBQ you can eat as well as all the beer you can drink.

-2nd Kokopelli trail from Rabbit Valley to Moab.
-3rd Lockhart basin from Moab, through the Needles district of Canyonlands National Park, and over Elephant Hill into Ruin Park.
-4th Over the Mante La Sal through Wooden Shoe Rd to Lake Powell, then up through the Maze District of Canyonlands National Park to the San Rafael Swell for BBQ and Beer. This will be a full day or riding.
-5th Back to Moab, via what ever route the groups wants. Either pavement, or from Green River through Dubinky Wells to Moab, or everyone can head home from there.

-This is an Adventure style ride and we will be in the wilderness. Riders need to be able to carry enough supplies and gear for one night of camping in the backcountry on their bike. Ridding will be moderate, with a few challenging sections at different areas, but for the most part two track dirt roads. The Kokopelli section and Elephant Hill will the most difficult.

Bike choice is up to you (hey we’re all adults). It would be best for a bike under 650cc, for the difficult sections as described above. However if there are a few larger bikes I will provide an alternate route for the 3-4 difficult areas. I have not ridden anything over a 650cc bike in this area, but I really think if we work as a group there will be no problem getting a bike under 1000ccs through (ie BMW 800 or KTM Adv9xx).

Just as a disclaimer ...This is very remote country and the severity of any problems, either with rider or bike, are multiplied several times. Something minor in other areas can turn very serious and this means both in terms of mechanical problems and injuries. Participants should be accomplished riders with a high skill level, who are sufficient and capable of self rescue. Also riders should try and do this ride with a "buddy" so if they need to bail there is a riding partner with them.

Gas will be limited and we need a range of 180 miles.

Riders need tools and spare parts for basic repairs.

This ride gives you the opportunity to see some amazing county and there is a possibility what we ride could be closed or very limited in the future. Click here for information on this threat.

So how’s that sound!!! Who's in

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