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Well I made it back to Antigua. Mostly because it is a good base to get a few things done before I make my final push through Mexico. Obviously, it is one of the cities I know better because I spent more time here.

The ride in was supposed to be a relatively easy 3 hours or so. It was not. Between construction on CA9 that slowed things down to a crawl, and traffic in Guatemala city that slowed to a crawl even midday, it was much slower. The real show stopper was actually outside of GC just 25km before my turn to Antigua. The traffic totally and completely stopped.

This is when having a motorcycle paid off. I was able to weave through the traffic and ride on the shoulder to keep moving. It looked like this.

Even with that advantage though, it took me almost 30 minutes to make it 10 miles. That is because the back up was at least TEN miles of stopped traffic. Not slow traffic, but stopped traffic. People out of their cars, venders walking up and down, etc. I never did figure out what exactly happened, but when I got to the front there were police organizing a clean up and police standing around in riot gear.
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