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Originally Posted by beergut View Post
Hey Wallachian Spikes, I rode the ole USMC 650 on Okinawa in 2006-2008.

Lets face it, truth is I cant afford or get a new bike unless the absolute right deal comes along. I dont see that happening so I have to resort to plan B which is make this KLR to my desires and hang on to it. Because I dont putt around town at 50mph, I have an oil burner.

I am willing to spend about $1000 to make this engine half way decent. If I could address what makes it suck so bad, I will head those challenges.

Im thinking the 685 kit, porting and some valves. Maybe later this summer I will add some cams. to go to the Harley shop to see if I can strap my beast wanna-be to their dyno.
Semper Fi Beergut. I was at Camp Schwab for a few months in '89. Had a blast in Okinawa. I didn't get to ride KLRs in the Corps but, we were using the 250 when I was in & I couldn't understand why we didn't use the 650. I heard the 250 couldn't handle the sand in Desert Storm & that was why we finally switched to the 650. The 650 is a heavy pig in the sand but, if you give it enough gas it will tractor your a$$ right through it.

A buddy of mine has an '09 oil burner & the 685 kit fixed that problem but, he didn't get everything ported & polished so he only feels a minor power upgrade. They say you gotta do all the porting & polishing to get everything the 685 can deliver but, NOTHING will turn it into a KTM 690. He says the 685 actually lowers vibes though.

Many times in the past money has been tight for me & the KLR was the difference between having a motorcycle & not having one. There are better bikes out there but, a KLR beats the hell out of not riding at all & the versitility of it is hard to beat. I have a 450 KTM for serrious dirt & it's WAAAAY more fun than my KLR but, if I could only have one bike I'd keep the KLR cuz it's just too practicle.

If power is your main concern & you don't care about off road ability, I'd sell the KLR & pick up a good used Suzuki SV 650. You can probably find one for what you'll get out of your KLR & if you've got another $1,000 for engine work, you'll surely find an SV in your price range. Good luck with what ever you decide.
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