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But yesterday was a day to get some things done. I was overdue on laundry and bike maintenance. Do I dropped off laundry and went to figure out where I could change my oil.

I went to CATours here OK in town. I had heard of them from other reports and had walked by a hundred times when I was here before, but had never stopped in. Well I can confirm every nice thing I had read. The guys there were/are fantastic.

First, they told me that there was a place I could change my oil. The same shop that works on their bikes would let me use some space. Plus the have me ideas about where to get some oil. I left to track that down. I also stopped by my old school to say hi to Billy and see if any students I knew were there. In fact, many of them were, including Freddy from when we were staying at the same house. It was his last day of classes. I agreed to meet him later for a beer.

Then I went to a few places in town. I found oil. Motel again, but in 20w50.

I also did some other shopping, and picked up my laundry. Then I brought my bike back to CAtours because the repair shop is hard to find. One of their guides David "Frenchie " ended up leading me and hanging out while I changed it. Then we went back to CAtours and chatted some more. They also ended up writing out some great directions to take a fun road over to lake Atitlan which is where I will go next. Really great guys.

I hung out with them and some patrons until I had to leave to meet up with Freddy and the others. Then I hung out with them until I had trouble keeping my eyes open and went back to the hotel.

Today it is time to do a little more maintenance, like chain lubing, adjusting, etc. I also want to get my hair cut again. So I will try and go back to the same place I went before.
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