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Originally Posted by Wallachian Spikes View Post
Semper Fi Beergut. I was at Camp Schwab for a few months in '89. Had a blast in Okinawa. I didn't get to ride KLRs in the Corps but, we were using the 250 when I was in & I couldn't understand why we didn't use the 650. I heard the 250 couldn't handle the sand in Desert Storm & that was why we finally switched to the 650. The 650 is a heavy pig in the sand but, if you give it enough gas it will tractor your a$$ right through it.

A buddy of mine has an '09 oil burner & the 685 kit fixed that problem but, he didn't get everything ported & polished so he only feels a minor power upgrade. They say you gotta do all the porting & polishing to get everything the 685 can deliver but, NOTHING will turn it into a KTM 690. He says the 685 actually lowers vibes though.

Many times in the past money has been tight for me & the KLR was the difference between having a motorcycle & not having one. There are better bikes out there but, a KLR beats the hell out of not riding at all & the versitility of it is hard to beat. I have a 450 KTM for serrious dirt & it's WAAAAY more fun than my KLR but, if I could only have one bike I'd keep the KLR cuz it's just too practicle.

If power is your main concern & you don't care about off road ability, I'd sell the KLR & pick up a good used Suzuki SV 650. You can probably find one for what you'll get out of your KLR & if you've got another $1,000 for engine work, you'll surely find an SV in your price range. Good luck with what ever you decide.
Definatly, the 685 kit is all about smoothing out the engine and oil consumption.

Don't for a minute think it is going to solve your hp problem.
The Klr will always be a Klr.You have to accept that and dedicate to it for what it is(if the bike can't adapt to your expectations, then maybe you need to adapt your expectations to the bike, improvise, overcome, adapt)or move on.
Most of engine mods done are subtle and mostly address better driveability, not top power numbers.

Like I said earlier, an accelerator pump is the only thing that is going to give you that "hit" feeling.All the fast bikes have an accelerator pump.

But hey, just relax and refine your Klr and just thump around and enjoy life, your 60 now !! LOL !!
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