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Originally Posted by ricochetrider View Post
I quickly scrolled the pages of your posts. Very interesting, as one certainly does not get the opportunity to see much of Haiti.

I wonder two things- first, (Seeing you are from QC), is your Quebecois (hope that is not an offensive term?) French compatible with the Haitian Dialects?

Secondly, How is Haiti, in general?

All I've ever seen of it is the devastation from the earth quake several years back, and the particularly single-sided views of any news cameras which may have been available on television or internet since.
I LOVE all the colors they paint their buildings.

Many thanks for the pictures.
On the first part, it's not offensive to say Quebecois (we know we don't speak French ) and it was very useless with Creole but since educated people speak both it was all good for work. but when you get to really remote places it can be a problem as people just speak creole.

on the second, i could blaber on for ever on the situation in Haiti but I'm purposly keeping this vague as i don't want to start a policy debate in here!

all i can say is what you see on CNN & co. is from the capital, Port au Prince, and is true, but not for the reasons given.... the story is skewed.

out side of the capital life is more low key but it has it's own problems and people don't seem to want to get out of that situation, they seem to frown upon people who succeed and so every body more or less stays at the same level, very poor.

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