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I'm surprised that there are actually two to three-ish replies to this thread actually related to answering the question.

Of course the first two responses, of course. don't answer the question. You probably should have asked this in equipment. Boxer forum is not known for innovative approaches to doing things for the majority, just throwing money at solutions. You must do everything by ze book! Ja?

Okay, so it wasn't as long as snow skis, I did carry a scoped deer rifle in a giant, heavy rifle case about 1500 miles over 4 days strapped to the top of my right pannier on my Versys. It was fine, if a bit annoying at times. Mostly didn't notice it the bulk of the trip. Here would be my tips for skis or other long shit.

1. Use ratchet straps. I used cinch straps on the rifle case, and was having to re-tighten occasionally, which was annoying. Of course, pad items to protect from the straps.

2. Place some foam between the pannier and skis. To protect the pannier and skis from each other. To give the ratchet straps something to bite into. To dampen some of the movement between the bike and skis.

3. Hang a red rag off the back of the skis. Stupid fuckers shouldn't be that close to your ass anyways, but you should still alert people to the longer length.

4. If possible, I would tie a rope between the front of the skis, and one of the crash bars up front, to keep the skis from rotating around weirdly. Of course also pad them in places where they might contact the bike.

5. Keep it on the right side of the bike. It makes it easier to embark and disembark.

6. Don't leave that stuff unattended at gas stations. Thieves are quick. I actually cable locked my rifle case to the frame of my bike, I don't know if skis have security attachment points.

7. Prepare for some interesting changes in handling associated with aerodynamics. Nothing major, but it will seem slightly off from normal.

8. Balance your weight load, put something ski weight in the other pannier at least.

9. Wear full gear, help decrease chances of injury if there's an accident. I think it's probably going to be safer than the dudes that got bicycles strapped to their motorcycles.
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