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Originally Posted by GP1152 View Post
I know you changed tires out a while back. Looks like you replaced them with the oem tires? Curious to know if, when it comes time to replace them again, you'd replace them with the OEM or go with something else that would last a bit longer?
Sticking with Supercorsa SPs. Tons of traction, way more mileage than I thought I'd get out of 'em, nice breakaway characteristics and, most importantly--the only tire that seems to play nice with DTC.

Austin rocks--going to try to catch the R/R up with where my body is, now that I have some free time this weekend. For the meantime, let's pretend I'm back in New Orleans:

This dude from Pensacola (slomo510, Richard Sullivan) rode all the way out to NOLA to hang out with me on the Sunday of the Austin F1 (you can see how far behind I am!). We found a killer spot (Killer Poboys) away from the thunderous chants of "who dat, who dat," where we could watch the race in peace. Appreciated him making the drive out and back--and it was great to have someone to knock a couple back with over lunch and dinner. He's the Sales Manager at BMW Motorcycles of Pensacola. If I was ever in the market for a new bike I wouldn't hesitate hitting him up--he's a great guy.

You guys sick of NOLA at night yet? Well if you are, too bad:

Satan Cyclops thing:

Bourbon St:
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