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worth repeating...

electronic ignition failures in all but airheads are just about non-existent. yes all electronic can and do fail, but are very reliable.

would we be having this discussion in say Honda or Yamaha bikes? yes ignition failures do exist, but for everything except for airheads they are rare indeed.

someone will be along shortly to deny it all. but for some reason threads on electronic ignition failures for airheads both OEM and aftermarket ignitions consistently pop up.

right or wrong, my take is due to location of halls sensor on airheads. Halls can fail early due to exposure to extremes in heat cycles.

mechanical advances are very reliable, but do need maintenance. sure you can tear it down, but a shot of spray lube usually does it. little to no advantage with electronic advances. unless one is racing and need ability to change advance curves.

your mileage may veri... but after much hashing... candidates for best solution are:

1. stick with points with addition of ignition booster which reduces maintenance close to full electronics. carry spare point/cond, remove booster in case of failure.

2. switch to electronic ignition with ability to field service halls sensor. beancans with two halls are still suspect because spare halls will be subjected to same heat cycles. carry spare halls in case of failure.

due to high failure rates, 2x Bosch 12v coils should be changed out to a high performance Dynacoil. some OEM electronics last for 150k+ miles without issues. some are not so lucky... perhaps it's just time after faithfully working for 30+ years...

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