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Originally Posted by Ragin Rabbi View Post
I went from a 2006 KLR with a Cogent rear shock, Yamaha Forks and the other customary farkles (have the doo, haven't done it yet) to a 2004 R1150 GSA. Didn't go in debt getting it.

The two are worlds apart. My oldest has gotten into riding with me (about to turn 10) and the KLR while alright for me, was NOT a two-up machine. And now the wife is into riding (soon we'll get her taken care of with her own bike) so the KLR was really out of the picture.

I don't understand your lack of understanding.

I love my KLR, great explorer rig, with all the farkles it is very capable (more then my skills) and fun solo rig. But when I go to Maine, New Brunswick, Labrador, and eventually Alaska, the BMW is so much more. I am not as tired after a long day, I can take the interstate to cut back on time (leaving me more time to explore), and it is really a great bike.

Closer to home though, the KLR is a better long weekend machine.

Apples to oranges.

Keep your eyes open, save your pennies, and you don't have to go broke buying a machine.

Yes, there is definatly a place for all motorcycles.They all do different things well for different people.

The big Bmw GS shines at devouring road miles with ease, which is what I am trying to stop doing.

The last trip I went on with that bike, one day I put 800+ miles on in daylight hours and felt fresh.
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