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Originally Posted by Greg Wildwood View Post
I bought and received all of the above. I loaded theCity Navigator DVD onto my PC and the Garmin site required my 650t attached and (i guess) proceeded to update the map. The site said complete after about a 2 hour download. My questions (please):

1 When I use a "Where To" the unit says there are no active maps. Where are the maps I just loaded?

2 When the unit is connected to the PC it shows that connection symbol on the unit but otherwise does not appear active. Is this normal.

3 The 650t manual is very basic and does not discuss maps and routing very well (at least to me). Can you suggest another source of information/knowledge?


1. You've got to 'turn on' the maps in the GPS itself:
map information
tap the map product you loaded in to enable it.
Back out to the main menu.

2. Yes. The GPS will not display anything but the USB interface logo while its connected to the computer. If you're using a Windows system, you should see the Montana show up as a drive in "my computer". If you've got an SD card in the slot, that will show up as well.

3. The big Montana thread is pretty good, as is Garmin's online documentation.
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