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None of my cruisers have had fringe or loud pipes, though many cruiser riders go that direction, you don't have to. Most of them have been set up as touring bikes with saddlebags, a windshield, and a riders backrest. I also don't like the looks of a lot of the newer cruisers which try to copy Harley. But I don't ride cruisers for the way they look. I ride them for their comfort and practicality. A cruiser can be set up almost like a Goldwing. I have had 2 Goldwings, an '85 1200 LTD, and currently have a '95 1500 Aspencade. It is also a very comfortable bike, but sometimes more bike than I want. I had planned to trade it for a maxi scooter, but after trying out several, I decided to either keep it, or sell it outright. I didn't see the maxi scooter as an improvement. I guess I just like my scooters small. The Vulcan 750 comes in a very close second comfortwise to the GW and has about the same performance, and actually handles better. The Vulcan with hydraulic valves has a 9500 rpm redline. I have owned 2 of them, a '93 and my current '02. Between the two, I have almost 160,000 miles on them, and have never had any issues with the valves. They have been ridden mostly on the highway, at 75-80 mph.

I'm beginning to think that what the OP really needs is a midsized touring cruiser, like the Yamaha V-Star 950 tourer. It is in the same price range as the Burg 400, and IMO more comfortable, and with better performance. I finally went down to the stealer and sat on one after this came up in another thread. I found it to be extremely comfortable, and with a riders backrest, it would be about as comfortable as driving a car. It comes with really nice bags that have more storage capacity than the Burg, plus you can use a tank bag and a T-Bag, which attaches to the passengers backrest. It has a very low seat height, and if you wanted to mess up such a beautiful bike, it should do a lot better on dirt and gravel roads than a maxi, it has more ground clearance, better suspension, and full sized wheels. It is belt drive, and the valves are super easy to get to. And, it comes with quiet pipes and no fringe, and I recommend leaving it that way.
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