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Ole Time Barbecue, Raleigh, NC 121/1/2012

Ole Time Barbecue
6309 Hillsborough Street
Raleigh, NC 27606-1148
Tel: (919) 859-2544
Fax: (919) 233-6639

GPS Location:
N35.47.275 W078.44.326

Mon-Thu 6:00am- 8:00pm
Fri 6:00am- 9:00pm
Sat 6:00am- 9:00pm
Closed Sun.

Motto: A great place to get porked.

One of those places that's nearby, but I never think about going there. Maybe been there once before and I've been here close to 25 years. No idea why other than that it's kind of between here and Cary, NC (Containment Area for Relocated Yankees) and I try to avoid Cary at any cost.

Another in the rectangular, single story buildings series. Plenty of parking:

Pretty standard menu, but they do serve breakfast every day they're open.

Small place inside. Two seating areas - one with a half dozen booths or so and the other with a couple booths and some counter seating:

Very friendly people working here, Several folks eating - it was around 3:30 or so when I got there. They're pretty close to NC State and they seem to play up the catering/tailgating aspect. There were FAR more folks coming in for carryout for large groups than there were eating there. I suspect a good chunk of their business is carryout/catering/tailgating.

Sat down and was brought a menu. Couple seconds later, got my drink and a basket of fresh hushpuppies. Tea was honestly on the weak side. Should have stuck with my usual water... Hushpuppies were very light tasting as if they was more white flour than corn flour. Slightly sweet. Utility puppies.

The window sill was full of their condiments/paper towels and the like:

Food came pretty quickly. Ordered the typical - regular chopped plate with fries and slaw. Honestly, I don't think I'm doing some of these places a service by ordering fries. Next one I visit, I'm branching out...

Barbecue was good, moist, slightly smoky, but by and large unseasoned. Not bad at all, but I'm starting to want to see more character, Don't get me wrong, I certainly liked it, but it's not going to make world class. Slaw was homemade and had some sort of unidentifiable (to me) seasoning. Didn't make it bad and I'll give it props for trying to be something other than generic utility slaw, but not sure I liked it. I'll try it again at another time before coming to that conclusion though. Fries - frozen, but cooked properly.
The sauce: They had Texas Pete and two of their own. I'm of the school of thought that says if it needs Texas Pete, something's wrong with it at a basic level. (Smithfields Barbecue requires lethal doses of Texas Pete). Their two homemade sauces were labeled "Barbecue" and "Hot". Didn't care for the Barbecue - way too sweet. Some folks may go for that type sauce. I'm not amongst them. The Hot, however, was fantastic. Vinegar based with loads of flavor. Lots of spice, a bit of heat and honestly, both feet firmly planted in the top five of all sauces I've had in years.

Definitely worth a trip back. Meal was $6.99 plus drink, tax and tip. It's close enough to where I work that I'll certainly put it in the lunch rotation and if it's not sub-freezing, possibly a breakfast in the near future.

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