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Originally Posted by itsatdm View Post
Funny you should mention that. Lacking a dyno, I used a 2/10 mile segment of a hill to test my mods. I started at 50mph and saw what increase the latest mod made. Started at 67mph for stock and ended with 77mph as something that was a compromise between HP and low end torque.

My latest untested change was setting intake valves at the lowest lash spec and retarded the exhaust valves by using max spec. Another compromise as it "feels" like more hp at the top end, not too much loss at low revs. It is good to have a hobby Sound right?
Google/youtube camshaft lobe centers. Muzzy has a long how to on it.

Advancing the intake closes the intake sooner=better bottom-end. Retarding later=better top-end. At best it is only about a 700rpm movement in the peak.
On DOHC engines with large valves at wide included angles, care must be exercised or the in. & ex. can tangle at overlap... I did it on a GS1000 Suzi.

Looks like the KLR cam gears are woodriff keyed to the cams. I've used offset keys on Chev small blocks.

Worn cam chains in proper tension retard the cam/s.
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