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3 hard days to the Mexico/Guatemala Border

I was very set on starting my trip in Mexico. I had ridden through some of Mexico last year and felt comfortable storing the bike in PV for 2-3 weeks and flying back to it. Mainly though I wanted to be 1200-1500 miles further down the road and be able to take my my time riding the southern part of Mexico start my 3.5 months off on Mexico time sort of speak.

So it is Nov 25 and I land in PV and at 3:13...flight delay now almost 5:00 PM and I need to be to the Guat border on the 29th. So much for my chill ride through southern Mexico. This is exactly what I didnt want was big long milage pushes and hard deadlines. Oh well it is what it is.

This is where I was only hours ago. Flying home to Anchorage from the North Slope of Alaska. Crappy iPod pic

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The flight delay was really crunching me on daylight hours. I arrived at Bodegas Vallarta at about 5:30 and had a major repack ahead of me. I am pretty tired from the all night flight and now the added pressure of losing daylight and the border deadline. Like I said exactly what I didn't want. I get packed and its about 6:30.

Bodegas Vallarta
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Off to find a hotel. I want to find one on the road to San Sebastian de Oeste. That is the route i will be taking to Guad. I couldnt handle the thought of only toll roads for 2-3 days. About 30 min later I still haven't even found the road(my GPS is not recognizing Bici Maps all of the sudden). It is now dark so I say the hell with it. Go to a hotel near the airport. Only street parking right on the edge of PV...NO WAY.

I pop the mini SD card in and out of the GPS and now my maps are working and I find the road I need. I hop on it thinking there will be a hotel right there just leaving PV. I am wrong. There really isnt any traffic so I keep heading east. I make it to San Sebastian around 8:30. I am a bad boy I rode at night. Rule numero uno broken

I am beat. I get a hotel, eat and crash. Up bright and early. On the road at 7. Head out of San Sebas to a beautiful sunrise over the mountains. No time for a pic. I will just have to keep that one in the memory banks. Its a long hard day of boring toll roads except for the road from PV to Guad. It is my second time riding that road and I hope to be there again someday. Toll roads in Mexico are great for making time but they are expensive straight and not fun. A necessary evil in my case.

Hot dog for lunch and stops only for gas. I made it to Mexico city at 5:00 almost on the dot. I think I will just creep to the west edge and get a hotel to avoid rush hour in one of the craziest cities in the world. Well I just keep getting more and more into the city and next thing I know I am in the middle of it all. I can split traffic some but I am usually two wide. I make t across about 80% of the city and its dark and I am so tired I could fall over. The only hotels I see are Auto Hotels(Sex Hotels). I have avoided them to this point but tonight I don't care.

Pistolas here I come!

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And most importantly my special little lady was very pleased with the accommodations.
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A classy joint for sure. The sweet garage allowed me to totally tear apart all my gear and put on my brake reservoir cover and stuff some other junk in my tool pouches. I am a little OCD when it comes to packing. Ok everything!
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