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I have (though hoping it doesn't sell) my KLR up for sale. I understand the desire to limit miles. Unfortunately, I may only get ten to fourteen days per kitchen pass, and I want to spend those days exploring areas I haven't been to before. With the BMW, 800 to 900 mile days allows me to get through PA and into NY (mountains) which is where MY trips begin.

On the KLR, highways were doable, barely, and even 800 miles. But my butt was toast and I was drained after.

I am not one who wants a road legal MX bike, I look for those graded gravel or two lane dirt roads. I like my comforts, multiple t-shirts and socks, and food. I roughed it enough for ten years in the Marines.

If I was retired and able to get more time, maybe I'd feel different.

Love the KLR though. Keep it in its comfort zone and it really can't be beaten!!!!

A couple of other issues with the big Gsa was because I would put 10-15 k on it a year, and did lots of high speed freeway I always kept road oriented tires on it (I figured I would go broke putting tkc80 on it) so alot of times I am in really cool areas but am very limited because I am on a tall, heavy, expensive bike with road tires.
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