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QD were fine . so today , tried the stick coil swap : disconnecting R side hardly changes the idle, L side more noticeable but no real stumble ( did it with 3 different sticks)

so i decided to remove tank and disconnected O2sensor +motronic reset : no difference in behavior

Now i m thinking fuel starvation as short, quick blips almost kills the engine or at least delays the response. Gradual opening is almost fine but then engine sputters. i remove tank, take out fuel pump and clean all parts including bran new fuel filter. reassevmble, reset motronics again......... Same behavior !!!

Injector plugged? Would be extraordinary coincidence that this happens as i put new sticks, no?How does one clean them without sending out
Could the cable leading to the Right stick go bad? How? Why? Close examination of visible cable looks intact
Could the one coil for secondary plugs be the culprit? Well no ,as the cylinder runs on bottom plug only!

I still feel has to be some simple but i don t have enough experience with these. Love learning though...
Any insight is valued in this garage..
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