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Route 66 Texas and NM

Ok back with ya again. After hitting the Texas border had a few more wide open spaces to ride but I was really into this ride and loving every minute of it. I got lucky on the weather too. Cool but no rain.

I hit Amarillo, TX and had my sights set on the "Cadillac Ranch" It's located just West of Amarillo. Farther out in the field than I thought it would be but was easy to find.

Some folks had already walked out to the cars but I pulled over parked and walked on out.
There they were in all their glory! Funny as heck. People had used spray cans to leave their names and other sayings on each car.

I was about to leave and walk back to the bike and I hear someone holler out, Hey, want your picture taken with the cars?? I turn around and a couple of women with western gear on complete with Chaps and all were standing there with big smiles. So I say sure that would be great. I handed one of them my camera and went over to stand by the cars.

Then they say can we take our picture with you too!?? I'm thinking now what? But agree to do it. So here they are chaps and all. What the heck Grandpas always like hugs too right.
Meet Phyllis and Katie.

Visited with them for a while and come to find out they were out promoting their tour business. I'll give them a plug here since they were so nice. Think I'll stick to the iron horses though. "Cowgirls and Cowboys in the West"

Next up would be an old Ghost town called Glenrio, Texas

right on the Texas New Mexico border. Referred to my many as a Route 66 casualty. There was one person living there still when I visited.
Kind of a private type though as all the buildings were signed no trespassing.

Whats left of an old gas station. The old Pontiac looked like it had been abandon too.

That's about it for Texas, I did ride down through an area in Amarillo that was supposed to be old route 66 area but found nothing worth looking at.

After that I rode into New Mexico. I was nearing my time limit on this trip but wanted to make it as far as Santa Rosa that was supposed to have a big classic car museum. Off we go.

Rolled into Tucomcari, NM and saw the Tee Pee Curios.

Looked closed up so I took a quick picture and rolled on down the street.

An old abandon Phillips 66 station in not very good shape. Oklahoma you spoiled me...

They did have a very cool Route 66 Sign though.

Headed for Santa Rosa where I would spend the night.

Got into Santa Rosa right at 5:00pm and immediately saw the museum. I figured they would probably be closed but thought I'd try it anyway.

The front door was open so I walked in, it was nice with a small restaurant in front that was closed.

Lady there said I could go on in she would stay open a while longer, some people were still inside. They had advertised that they had over 300 cars and I was kind of disappointed to see only a few. I guess they must rotate them in and out. Anyway they did have some good ones.

That was about it, not as I had hopped for but fun just the same. I found a room, got some grub and crashed. The hot shower really felt good after a long day.

Next morning I loaded up and headed out about 7am with the sun coming up and 34 degrees. Was glad I had my heated gear!! Ten and a half hours and 680 miles later I pulled into my garage.

That's if folks, I plan on finishing the rest of the Western ride but not sure when at this point. I want to make it all the way to Santa Monica, stand on the pier and look out at the ocean. The end of the line!
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