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Originally Posted by craftycoder View Post
That feature has been on my mind a long time. I keep thinking about it, but sort of prefer that you have to be at your computer to do it because you might do some track tidying while you are there. Otherwise, I'd probably just make it a private upload by default but then you likely won't go through the effort of making it public... I try to balance that obvious use case with getting new quality content on the site. Thoughts.
I see your point. You're probably right trying to use this method as a means of encouraging people to clean up their tracks right away. It would definitely eliminate people just dumping all of their dirty files to the site.

So far not a whole lot of tracks in PA. Hoping I can add a few over the next couple of months. Still new to most gps functionality beyond Google Navigation so I've got alot to learn.

You mentioned going through the effort of making it public. Isn't it just clicking a check box? I haven't done any yet, so maybe it's more involved.

I do have some limited machining capabilities along with access to a 3D printer (powder based, not plastic) and am fairly proficient at Solidworks if you need any help with projects in the future.

Thank you again for all the hard work you put into the app!
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