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So, I haven't advanced much on the bike. Waiting for some money to get the next item - which will be an exhaust baffle/diffuser. However, I noticed that after the first start using starting fluid, that day while it was hot, it ran fine. However, when it cooled down that evening I haven't been able to start it since.

Today I took the bowl off the left side carb and cleaned everything. I didn't see anything really horrible, a few little drops of liquidy red goo in the bottom cup, but I couldn't see through pilot jet (which I assume is the idle jet. my XR100 used to clog up and not idle). I cleaned this, sprayed WD through all the ports, reassembled and she fired!

Has a 125 jet in the left carb. the idle mixture screw is in 1 1/2 ( I left it alone not knowing the actual setting).

I pulled the 17mm plug out of the other carb too. It looked clean too.

Has anyone replaced the phillips screws with little bolts? The inside screw was damaged by a PO and I had a heck of a time getting it out. resorted to a thin chisel to knock it loose.

That's it for now. Once I get that baffle in I can drive it around a little more. At this point it is a obnoxious police magnet.
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