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I was 3rd in the country? WOW!

That's a pretty cool stat. Thanks for that.

I've been on the eternal quest for the perfect 4 season jacket for almost a decade now. I felt like it was never going to happen and bought the Rukka Armas suit 18mon. ago knowing I was giving up on the elusive 4 season suit. Now, I can't find a warm weather suit to compliment Rukka makes the most comfortable, perfectly tailored riding suit I've ever experienced. It is truly world class and is such a joy to wear. It'd be hard to sell it to purchase something like the ADVR2, but the pictures and spec look like they've solved the issues I had with it. ie: better, snugger fit, more venting, more subdued looks, more thorough armor coverage including chest. It actually might be something that would work giving what, to me, would be the holy grail. One jacket that I could wear all year long through the cold, wet, snowy winters through the muggy hot summers of New England.

The things I still miss about the rally suit appear to still be there; kidney belt, removable collar to aid cooling (agree that works exceptionally, esp. with a wet buff around the neck).

I've grown to love the lockout on my Rukka jacket. I'm reminded of the chore that multiple flaps and velcro is. It looks like they've eliminated the main flap and switched to a waterproof zipper of some sort? That is AWESOME!

Thanks for the info on the arm cinches. That sounds GREAT, and it sounds like you understand the issue that I have with other suits.

This jacket looks really interesting. It actually looks like it FITS

Your site shows a gray color. Any pictures of that? When is this jacket available? I don't think I'd be interested in the pants. I'd have to sell my full Rukka suit just to afford the jacket

Thanks again. I feel like such a poseur in something like this, since I'm more a road warrior than anything else. For me, this is about spec, not "the look". My only wish is that it didn't look so tough, but it definitely is moving in the right direction (for me).

You rock

Originally Posted by Brtp4 View Post
Jim, if I do, will you come back????? You were original ADVR customer #3 in the US, FWIW.

Of course I do not know from experience, but I think the answer equates to them staying in place. Look at the cinching strap placement in this pic:

You can see that they are close together, just adjacent to the "crotch" of the arm. On the upper, it is cinched and you can even see an indentation on the outer side. I know what you are describing on the BMW jacket, and I do not think the ADVR2 will do this.

Does that help? I am stepping out for an ST ride, but I will try to get into the office and look for some better pics later.

One other thing, IMO riding any jacket with a removable Leatt collar is The. Best. Vent. Possible.

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