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Originally Posted by DandyDoug View Post
All interesting comments and views;

Many years ago ( back in the dark ages) several of us were aspiring club level racers who at the prodding of the AMA to expand the field were herded in to running with the big boys at Daytona and other tracks that actually mattered at the time.

We were listening to Eddie Lawson giving us tips on how to get through some corners at Daytona a bit faster,
his advice " run it in as far as you can and then just flick the bitch" ( no mention of brakes or tire sliding)

All you would be wanna be racer boys can take that as some sound advice and just hike up your panties a bit .
somewhere in the past(it might have been Cycle magazine) there was a picture comparing "those who came to ride and those who came to race".It was a picture at a chicane or sharp corner maybe with haybales in close proximity.The pic of Eddie showed him at seemingly twice the lean angle of the others with helmet only inches away from aforementioned bales.
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