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Swingarm madness.

As mentioned, the rectangular tubing sprung open when cut. Welding the bevels on to it was a little trickier than planned, but it worked out.

Crap picture, but it's glowing metal.

Stick welds are not subtle.

A scrap that I welded and cut up to check penetration.

More welds, this one with the slag still on.

Measure twice, cut once. Measure 10 times, weld once.

Adding some posts so that the cam snail adjusters will work.

They're a 'tap' fit. These are actually just placeholders. The final ones will be eccentrics that will be adjusted to make the snail positions match, then welded into place.

I put the camera down for a while, and when I picked it up again I had this:

I'd guess it's half done at this point. The cross brace needs to be welded in, then the mounts for the shocks, brake, chain guide and sliders.
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