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Spent the afternoon showing my 17 year old son how to read the manual and he did most of the work. He pulled the carb from the bike. We took apart the carb. The main and slow jet were good but there was lots of gunk in there. Showed him how to clean it and explained what each part did. We put it back together and went to fire it up and nothing at first.

I could see the dissapointment after the last couple of hours making the carb spotless, we both thought it would fire. I thought the tank was clean enough and took that for granted. I was wrong. The petcock was also clogged.

He went in to shower off the carb cleaner and gas to get ready for a date. When he came back out, he came back out to a purring NX250. WOOHOO. He wanted to bail on his girlfriend and work on the bike some more. I advised him against that. From personal experience, I know that there are some things that you have to balance your love of motorcycles with.

We are going to have to clean the tank real good. Somewhere in the past the tank was creamed or some other treatment. Now it is coming off in spots. The petcock was clogged with a gummy substance.

He is pretty excited. We still have some work to do to get this bike on the road, but the brass ring is within reach.
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