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Originally Posted by Fajita Dave View Post
If the front tire is on the ground with enough traction any turn of the handlebars will cause the bike to change lean angle (counter-steering). Anytime the bike is maintaining any given lean angle the front tire is following the exact line of travel unless its in the air or very close to it. "Steering into the slide" is basically the rider being completely relaxed on the handlebars, the bike's geometry keeps the front wheel pointed in the direction of travel on its own. If the rider is tense on the bars it makes the bike less stable, if he makes a steering input it changes lean angle.

I can tell you from experience (although not Pro experience) that the only way to change lean angle at 100mph or so is with a deliberate counter-steer. Brakes causes the bike to stand up and/or push wider, throttle with a small slide will tighten your line a bit (but remember you are accelerating which widens your line) and body steering doesn't do shit. If you want the bike to change lean angle, you need to counter-steer just like you do on the street.

What MotoGP riders do with a motorcycle is amazing but it isn't magic.
Very well said.

I think the crossed up front wheel often comes from that they are still trying to steer with the bars with the front wheel off the ground.
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