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Just some tips for installation of my kit

(Most people have no issues with installation, but some people are not always sure they did everything correct and occasional mistake happens of course)

- When testing the new kit on the pump:
* ONLY connect the pump to the original plug on the bike, never directly to the battery (no fuse.. risk of swapping the wires...)
* The pump will only be activated by the bike for 5 seconds, BUT it doesn't always 'plop' the full 5 seconds: It only 'plops' as when there is actually need of fuel. IF the carburetor is full of fuel, or if there is a fuel-connector in the line (like SM(R)), the pump doesn't pump because there is no need to pump! This is fully normal. Just connect the pump to the bike and try the bike, it will work!

- Make sure you leave the hole in the PCB marked 'GND' unused!
this GND hole is made for backup, in case the original gnd-ring on the gnd-lead is broken

- Make sure to mount the thin wire coming out of the pump in the SMALL hole in the PCB, marked "S-"

IF it still doesn't work.. don't hesitate to contact me (PM on this forum please); we will analyze the problem together and find the solution. So far every kit ever always worked!
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