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Great thread. Thanks. I'm about to open the case on my 76 Bonnie, and I'm getting all the input I can before I do it. Primary drive and clutch is off, gearbox cover off, etc.

Quick question: there were differing opinions, but no clear answer: was there a case bolt behind the inner cover, or were you able to split the cases with transmission in place? Like you, I'm trying to get the crank out, while disturbing as little else as possible.

I'm also having a time with the pinion gear. I've read you can heat the case in an oven then remove the crank with pinion and main bearing in place. Is that what you did? I'll probably get the proper tool, but if there's something I can try in the meantime that won't hurt the engine, why not?

Lastly, I love the T140 pedestrian slicer license on the front fender in the video. Where did you get that?

Thanks again for the post, and everybody's replies.

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