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Originally Posted by villageidiot View Post
With it that far apart, id probably drop everything off for powdercoat, and assemble the bike all nice and fresh, but that's just me.

Lookin good TINK
Ya, I know, in for a nickle in for a dime, but, this is Phase-1 of this bike rebirth and powder coating takes this project to a whole "next level" that I'm not ready to take. My goal is to have a roller by Christmas, powder coating would delay that plan significantly because knowing me I would want to detail each and every nut and bolt to perfection. But that's not part of my Phase-1 plan for this project.

Phase-1 goal is to have a good solid rider as a base so that I can then sort out any mechanical issues that might show themselves as I begin putting some miles on her. To date I've only ridden this bike home from the sellers place, about 12 miles. I want to log a few hundred miles and get to really know this bike.

Phase-2 is where I'll strip her down again and do powder coating and any other cosmetics I feel I want to do at that time. I'm already one step into Phase-2 in that I went ahead and had the tank, seat cowl, S fairing and front fender painted. I was not planning to do paint during Phase-1 but the right guy came along for the right price so I went ahead and had that work done in advance.

Phase-3 is when (if) I feel I want to put real money into doing some big ticket upgrades; electronic ignition, stainless steel exhaust, ect.. I may never get to Phase-3 what with other live commitments, but one can dream for free...

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