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Question presented: how the hell did I get a huge gash on my knee without road rash? Either a) the skin below my knee pulled on the pavement and the skin ripped above the knee or b) the nut holding the crash bars somehow sliced it on my way off. Either way, the answer is, of course, PANTS.
Similar thing happened to me 36 years ago, Honda SL125 in an empty grassy lot on the hood. Wearing helmet, gloves and boots - and Levi's. Went down and got up, picked the bike back up and started riding. Then noticed my L knee covered in blood. Absolutely no damage to the jeans, not even a grass stain. The skin obviously got pulled apart without damaging my jeans, back then I thought maybe it had got tangled up in the back of the front fender because the laceration was curved at about the same shape as the fender edge.

Glad you're basically ok. I LUV gravel. Just not when it's overlying pavement.
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