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Originally Posted by bagpiper22 View Post manual and exploded parts diagrams on hand. I'm not planning on removing the intake and exhaust timing gears. Just the center gear which sludes right off. Everything else seems intact there. I'll be sure to line up the timing marks when I reassemble.

My goal is the sludge trap. This bike only has 7000 miles, but sat for 30 years, so whatever is in there is hard as a rock.

Once I get the engine back together, I can start in on the rest of the bike.

So if I have to remove the transmission outer cover, can I get to the case bolt without disturbing the transmission too much?

I would also leave the cams and gears alone, replace the rod bearings and check the main bearings close but they should be good. Sludge trap is pretty easy to clean but I would order a new cap bolt for it as you may mess up the current one getting it off.
Set the engine on its left side remove the outer shifter and kick start cover (your case a kick start cover) then mark the shifter selector on the inner cover in its current position so it goes back the same. The inner cover has a phillips screw located towards the back and I believe 2 bolts on the front. Be careful and tap the cover loose so the gears don't move around and watch for a shim that may stick to the inner cover.
Once the inner cover is off you will see a large bolt and a large nut, those are what needs to be removed to split the case. No hidden bolts inside the transmission housing itself. Hope this made sense and I'm going from memory.
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