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I am looking at some vacuum pumps right now as I would like to bag the mud guard for better impregnation as well as reduce air bubbles. I was looking at the el cheapo versions (~$80-100) that run 3+ CFM. I am used to heavy duty HVAC style vacs that do 20+ CFM but don't feel like spending $400 or more for something that won't be used professionally.

The issue I have are:

Will I need more CFM to draw down to the appropriate atmosphere I am trying to get?

Longevity, if I am bagging something I will need to run the pump till everything has cured so it will take a while, will this blow a cheap pump up?

Curing, can I use IR lamps when bagged in heavy mil plastic or will I wind up with plastic soup, same thing with HTE?

Is it worth it? Even if I do not bag the piece I can still use it to off gas resin before I apply it, but how many bubbles do I create when applying it or pressing layers of CF down...?
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