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Originally Posted by DandyDoug View Post
All this yammer about sliding the front tire makes me laugh .
Yes it is a technique that some racers use in specific corners at specific tracks.

I tried to learn to do it and found i did not improve my lap times when some others did.
Probably too tense and could not relax.
That' s about the time I actually made it up to the front pack where the fast guys of the day usually ran. It did not take me long to learn i did not belong there, got my boney ass back to the mid pack guys and enjoyed my racing for a couple more years.
Some guys race themselves and their own lap times, they usually live longer

As Clint Eastwood said " a mans got to know his limitations"

Same here. Just took me longer to learn that lesson.

Got some stuff to hang on the wall, but some broken bones as well.
"There isn't any secret," he said. "It's all very obvious."
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