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I drove a rig up at the sidecar museum this summer........and hated it

Well let me be more accurate.
FLASHBACK: In 1977 I was hiking the Appalachian Trail and had made it from Springer Mountain in Georgia to Pennsylvania. I had run out of food and was heading from the trail head to a post office where a care package was waiting for me. A bunch of people were heading up the trail to the shelter to party for the weekend. One of the guys was going back down into town to pick up more beer and said I could catch a ride with him in his motorcycle sidecar. Scariest GD ride I ever had. CB750 with an old Velorx tub rolling down out of the mountains with a nutcase as pilot. Felt like the tub was going to detach going round left turns, and riding in the car felt like I was just inches from going over the embankment the whole way. Anyway, we get to the PO and then the store where he proceeded to fill the sidecar with these...

Anyone know what the 33 stands for???
I think you could get a case for$2.99 back then. I rode back with him on the back of the bike, spent the night "socializing" with the group and left them the next day. I doubt I"ll ever ride IN a sidecar again.

OK enough story telling. Thanks again for your support. Enjoy the day. MC
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