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How Mr Naughty got his name

When we finally get to the airport we find Owen in a very happy state having already consumed six pints of Guinness. Owen is accident prone and as he had heard about my shoulder injury he is making sure it doesn’t happen to him. I express reservations about the sheer quantity he has consumed and he replies “This trip is not for pussies”. We all tuck in to beers with sincere dedication to the cause.

James is flying with a different carrier tomorrow and Noel is flying in from the UK so it’s just the six of us for now. The sound of my name being called repeatedly slowly filters into my conscious space so we all dash off downing our last pints and just make the flight. Thai Airways is not great and the service crew are inherently grumpy. By now various members of our party are no longer in control of their faculties and are starting to behave strangely. This is going to be a difficult flight. Owen wants a beer but the staff refuse. This doesn’t make him happy. He tries to bribe a trolly dolly and she threatens to restrain him. Eventually we get airborne and beers are delivered. Owen and Brian make happy little sucking noises and peace is restored. About two hours later Owen’s built-in safety system kicks in and he passes out instantly. Naturally this is the perfect time to take a picture of the man.

He slips in and out of consciousness for the rest of the flight, mostly to drink more beer between bouts of drooling on his shirt. Being good friends we want to protect his head so we cover it with pillows:

Mr Naughty
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