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I agree wholheartedly with the above post

having owned an 08 and then selling that to fund an 88 xr600 rebuild I can compare both honestly and objectively

the klr has tractor torque UNRIVALED right off idle, in fact they are famous for this and can idle pretty much up anything...the klr in fact has more torque at idle than both the xrl, and xr, aaaaaaaaaaaaaand dr.

now midrange and topend is different but the internal gearing of the higher gears and final gearing give me a higher topspeed on the klr...again gearing

in any case the figure of 20hp of a klr is wrong at the rear wheel I remember being at 28hp and at the crank in the area of 34-36hp depending on who you ask very very close to the fact some places put the klr as having more hp, especially the older models

power to weight ration went down even more when they upgraded the 08 and up models...gaing an estimates 30lbs give or take...again hp and torque being completely different animals especially in the case of the klr

lastly weight and how the bike handled(supsension) especially on dirt are the only detrimental points one could argue against the KLR objectively, having said that I did some funky and gnarly stuff on the klr when it was my only bike...

lose weight and improve the suspension before doing any engine mods

this applies to most budget dualspots and dirt bikes even the mights xr.

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