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What a fun thread. I don’t think I have posted on ADV in years…So, why not.

In a number of decades of riding and owning about 20 bikes, only two were sold because I did not like them. The others were sold because I get bored with any bike after 4 or 5 years.

The R1150GS. Is was a wonderful bike in so many ways, it took me all over the country and on some nasty off road adventures with the 21” front wheel I put on it but I could never cure the buffeting, and yes I tried everything short of running a barn door size windscreen.

The other was a R1150RT. I finally thought I had found my perfect bike, but after a 2,000 mile run I stepped off in my driveway and realized I felt like I just climbed out of a minivan….I need a bit more of a visceral riding experience. I purchased my second R1100S. Mucho better.

Last comment, if I was still an admin and mod on this silly site I would give the guy who said he hated the sound of the 94’ VFR gear driven cams a lifetime ban. There never has been a sweeter sound than those cams as the RPM’s go up!
+1 I had a '95 VFR just like the one shown here and I've never experienced more lustful connection to a bike. Those gear-driven cams would just make me want to ride all day.
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