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Originally Posted by runnin4melife View Post
Erling, youre like a crack dealer! Lure us in, get us hooked then realize all the nifty things we can do and poof you go all out and dump a $500+ vacuum pump on us hahaha. I am searching craiglist right now.

Bidding on a JB DV-6E on eBay right now... The price is right if I win.

The easiest fix to the money expenditure would be not to propose to my GF, I would have a lot of play money then and could get my MIG welder I want :-) and a lot of other stuff hahaha
Ha ha......... Sorry amigo, that's how us Danes roll.....Seriously though... This is properly going to be the best investment you have done ( US made or not) It is one of the single most important piece of equipment to have, as the next step. Secially when you start using HTE or any other post cure stuff, in a mould. Like the header heat shields I make for MRD Racing..... No sanding needed. Pops right our of the mould, after a day in the oven, and is ready to go with perfect finish. And, of course, you now have a paved way to vacuum bagging, if that is your forte. I found my JB at flebay nib for $260+25 for shipping. Just again a word of caution.... The video I posted degassing is with MAX-CLR... and almost any other high performance polymers will not pop as easy. On a side note... Used the system to evacuate the kiddos air mattresses...... Mannnn... this stuff works.

(PS) Better NOT skip the proposal.... Usually bad things happens otta that..... :)

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