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Interesting. I had been thinking of the design for making a more efficient Honda Helix. When I started digging into hypermiling motorcycles, no surprise--there was Craig Vetter with that design on a Helix.

I'm probably out since my riding isn't suited to the benefits of that fairing. My commute is 10 miles with 55 MPH speeds between stop lights. If I did commute by motorcycle, all the benefits of the streamlining are lost by repeatedly accelerating the extra mass from each stop.

I have to question how many he can sell if it's a generic body kit without model-specific mounts or wheel cutouts. I could adapt or fabricate just about anything but, not everybody has that ability. Installing a Windjammer (with the kit) was sometimes beyond the skills of the average owner.

The Windjammer went somewhere because a bazillion people had the CB750 and he made a mount for it. That made the Z1, Gold Wing, BMW and Guzzi mounts possible. At VERY least, he would need a kit to fit all the Helix scooters out there...or one (or more) of the other mondo-scooters. There HAS to be a specific model for this kit or it just won't fly.
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