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I'll post this here since it is an aviation enthusiast's thread.

It's not hyper-realistic, but a new game that is now in beta-release testing mode is War Thunder (no, I have no affiliation). It does have options for the controlling of flaps (multiple settings for landing, combat, and take-off), air brakes, etc., but it still isn't as realistic as a true flight sim.

Basically it's flying WWII-era (give or take) planes against one another and against AI (for now?) ground targets. On the American line there are F2A Buffalos as starter planes up to the F-86A Sabre (with bombers and even the Catalina as options to fly and fight with). Other countries (Germany + Italy, Japan, Russia, UK) start with biplanes (which aren't bad).

This is not Microsoft flight-sim realistic, and truth be told aiming is reportedly easier with the mouse than with a joystick. I've used joysticks for prior flight sims, but for this one I'm sort of amazed at how easy it is to fly with a mouse. Anyway, you can choose either option.

Too, this game, as many others in its genre, seems to come from Russian developers, so a buddy and I are sensing a Russian bias already by the tier -2 and tier-3 levels, but then it's more about pilot skill and placement than the hard-hitting guns, so any country seems fine.

Forgive my slightly modern take on the placement of American war decals, but here are screen shots:

(A20 Havoc)

I know the paintings are placed on the wrong planes, in the wrong places, but for the purposes of the game and the angles enemies view my planes from... these are easier for them to see.

Anyway, it's a free-to-play game at the moment, and battles put you with a total of about 30 players (I'm not sure on that number). Even if it isn't fully realistic, is surprising the appreciation that flying lesser-known, or lesser-vaunted, war aircraft, then researching them on the 'net, can bring.

There are a few modes of competing, two of which are 'Arcade' mode where it's a mid-air cluster of aircraft from different eras (bring what you have that you believe will be helpful depending on the battle and goals), and a 'Historical' mode where more accurate fights / planes are organized, such as in the Battle of Britain, or other famous air encounters.

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