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Originally Posted by MissFenderFine
Does anyone know about the Honda Rebel? Don't poke fun of me...I'm short!

Also, the Yamaha Virago 250?

Sat on a Rebel fit me just right. Haven't sat on the Yammie yet.

Taking the MSC next weekend. :)

Oh...and I'm over 40 and just now learning to ride!
Get a used bike for your first bike. The Honda Rebel hasn't changed in years. You should be able to find a hardly used one in good condition. Let someone else take the depreciation hit; you should be able to sell it for nearly what you pay for it. If it fits you, it's good for you; the Rebel is a great starter bike.

Eventually, when you get a few thousand miles experience, you might want a larger bike if you take longer trips on the interstate. Remember that your first bike is not your last bike. But do not start with a big bike and expect to "grow into it". That's a recipe for disaster.

Take the MSC course, get a bike that you are comfortable with now, ride it often, and enjoy it. You are approaching motorcycling the right way.
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